Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MyMindMap Reflection

My network has always impacted the way I learn. Essentially these are tools that I use to stimulate my learning experience and to build upon my learning experience. For example, information presented to me in a professional environment, regarding the state of the economy may impact financial decision that my household may or may not make. But, again, my network is still a resource for me. My digital network has allowed me to expand my learning circle.
My digital tools the best facilitate my learning are my personal computer (PC), cellular phone, blogs, search engines as Google, television, mp3 player, and DVD player. I utilize my personal computer as a means to conduct electronic research and access online materials such as, the Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, and Forbes, to name a few. These online resources allow me to stay abreast of industry trends and issues. Through Google, I am able to access Google Books and cross reference information presented in other resources.

Through television, I am able to visually take in information and have a cross section of resources provided that generally present an unbiased viewpoint. So, whether it is CBS Evening News or MSNBC, I am able to get information presented from all angles and often times, able to put a face to story. My mp3 and DVD player allow me to view documented information and access information that may not otherwise be shown in a 5 minute news segment. Lastly, with my cellular phone and blogs, I am able to receive information from the masses. Through my cellular phone, I am able to access instant news updates, minute-by-minute access to blogs, and reach live persons. Blogs obviously allow me to get perspective from different persons in different areas who may be experiencing the same.

When I seek new knowledge, when I have a question, I go to the resource that I believe would be most beneficial for that situation. If I am seeking information regarding a proposed tax height, locally, I will rely more upon local news outlets. Therefore, I may utilize their online information or the evening news to gather information and make my choice based upon my personal beliefs and the information presented.

I believe my personal learning network supports the central tenets of connectivism, because resources I use to learn, present diverse opinions. For example, if I look up an issue on Fox News the viewpoint their will generally be different than the viewpoint presented on CNN. Therefore, it allows me to gain information from both spectrums, to develop my knowledge.

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