Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fitting the Pieces Together

Now that I have a deeper understanding of the different learning theories and learning styles, my view upon I learn has expanded. I previously believed that persons learned by just seeing, doing, or hearing. However, taking a deeper look into learning theories such as connectivism, behaviorist, cognitive, and constructivism, my understanding has expanded. Each of these theories presents a different aspect regarding how and why we learn in certain situations. However, we are not restricted to one method of learning. The minds behind the theories did a wonderful thing, by giving us a foundation, but in many respects it is up to the individual, circumstance, and organization as to what it best suited.

I personally favor the Adult Learning Theory. Adults are motivated by what they can gain. When we reach the level of adulthood, we have already learned and established so much. Therefore, at this stage, information has to be relevant and useful, in my opinion. If I have no desire to learn how to physically build a home, then I am less inclined to receive an engineer’s explanation or demonstration regarding physically building a home. However if I have a desire to cook my husband Beef Wellington, because he has desired this meal, then I am more inclined to watch, listen, write instructions and model my cooking behavior after a chef who is sharing their receipt. I am more likely to share tuned in, because I find it relevant.
Technology plays a huge role in my learning.

Technology is center to a lot of information today. Instantly, I can find out what is going on in the world, due to the internet and my cellular phone. Twenty plus years ago, we have to await for the nightly news to learn about what took place in the world today. Such resources as Google, Bing, online learning, social networking and news outlets, allows us to stay active participants in the world. I can now get information through the cellular phone, feeds, and news feeds on social networking sites. Through this learning experience I have gained a good foundation for my Instructional Design experience. I hope to continue to learn how to more effectively help others learn through the tool of Instructional Design.

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