Sunday, May 16, 2010

learningcircuit May question - What will workplace learning technology look like in 2015?

This week the blog learningcircuit, provided us with their May questions: What will workplace learning technology look like in 2015?

There are many elements, in my opinion that well determine how workplace learing technology will look in 2015. For example, many companies due to the climate of the global economy, have had to scale back. In many cases, this has meant a reduction of force, customer strategy, and simply the day-to-day operation, to stay afloat. Ideally, as the global economy turns around, companies will, hopefully, gain the necessary capital to boast their engine. One of the primary aspects that will need a boast, will be their workforce.

Workforce learning will be key. With having new persons joing the company and possibly industry, basic training will be necessary. Training for the persons that were retained, will be necessary, and continued learning will be needed to compete more positively in this new global economy. Developing a universal system that will allow persons to collaborate, train and access identical information will probably be a key component of how workplace technology will look in 2015.

The instructional design element will especially be key. Primarily because workplace learning will have to be developed in a manner that will address the organizations needs, customers needs, and the needs of the worker, as a stakeholder in the organizations success. Ensuring that all of these elements are equally balanced, will be essential. But, I think a centralized learning system and support system will be key.

How, I would like to present a question. As we move towards workplace learning technologies of 2015, will we use technology as a resource for workplace learning or with technology be the meat and the potatoes of workplace learning?

Any ideaa???

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